Application for Membership of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy


Thank you for applying to join the CPP. We are a professional body of phytotherapists dedicated to excellence in the practice of botanical medicine. Our core focus is on continuing professional education in herbal medicine and in the development of phytotherapy as a credible and dynamic modern healthcare modality.

For the purposes of the CPP, Phytotherapy may be defined as follows:

Phytotherapy is the practice of modern western herbal medicine. It is a rational approach based upon a combination of understanding the contemporary scientific evidence-base for herbal medicine, appreciating the insights that can be gained from traditional herbal medicine texts and records [ethnobotanical sources] and learning from clinical experience by ongoing reflective practice. Phytotherapists seek to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals and researchers, and are committed to the concept of integrated healthcare. Phytotherapy represents the future of herbal medicine – as an informed, responsible and versatile mainstream healthcare modality.

The CPP was founded to meet the needs of those herbal practitioners dedicated to practising phytotherapy as their sole, or at the very least their key therapeutic discipline. We continue to favour applicants for whom this is the case.

We are committed to an integrated approach to healthcare in general, but we are dedicated to ensuring that the identity of phytotherapy as a distinct modality is protected. We wish to ensure that members of the public booking a consultation with a member of the CPP do actually receive a Phytotherapy consultation and treatment, and not a variable combination of other approaches, particularly those that may not be in keeping with the definition of Phytotherapy given above.

The CPP is concerned that certain diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used by some herbal practitioners are lacking in credibility and that use of these may not be in the best interests of patients. As a body of practitioners we prefer to distance ourselves from such practices, instead promoting well justified strategies for enhancing health with herbal medicine.

The CPP does not aim to be the largest herbal professional body. Our emphasis is on the quality of our collective work. We aspire to uphold the wishes of the founders of the CPP, in that only Herbal Medicine/Phytotherapy is prescribed in a Herbal Medicine/Phytotherapy consultationIf this approach fits with your own convictions about herbal medicine and you would like to join us in furthering the practice of Phytotherapy, we will be happy to consider your application.

Notes on Completing the Application Form
All sections should be completed. Please include a copy of your current practice leaflet and website link.

Members should apply the CPP Council’s guidelines for promotional literature and website contents. All promotional material should be of the highest quality as a public reflection of the high standards of CPP practice. Before submission, applicants’ leaflets and websites should be checked for grammar and spelling and any adjustments needed following close reading of the CPP’s advice, especially about what conditions can be treated by herbal medicine as advised by the ASA/Advertising Standards Authority.


Please ensure that each of your referees submit a fully detailed signed reference on the enclosed CPP form, accompanied by their [or their institution’s] letterhead. Inadequately presented references will be returned to the referee and may delay your application.