CPP Members Discount on Healing Seaweeds

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Seaweeds have traditionally been important plants for food and healing among coastal people throughout the world and are a rich source of diverse nutrients uncommonly available in land plants. 

In this webinar, Kristy Bredin from Mermaid Botanicals will be sharing an introduction to seaweeds, covering internationally available seaweeds as well as some specific to the Pacific Northwest. 

You will learn about:

  • Different types of seaweeds
  • Seaweed ecosystems
  • The healing properties of seaweed
  • Iodine and thyroid health
  • External uses of seaweeds
  • Pollution issues

Kristy Bredin began her journey as an herbalist in 2009, when she began a two-year apprenticeship with herbalist Robin Rose Bennett in New York. For the past decade she has worked with Ryan Drum, wildcrafting medicinal herbs and cultivating an in-depth knowledge of traditional Western herbalism and local plants and seaweeds. Since 2013 she has been sharing plant remedies of the Pacific Northwest through Mermaid Botanicals.

Kristy practices as an herbalist in the San Juan Islands, WA, working with clients to support their physical, mental and emotional well being through nourishing foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices. She has studied clinical herbalism with Chanchal Cabrera, Paul Bergner, Matthew Wood, and Margi Flint.

Kristy is passionate about exploring the natural world and working with wild plants in ancient and creative ways. In 2017 she founded an Herbal Medicine Apprenticeship Program on Orcas: an immersive exploration of wild foods, seaweeds, and plant medicines of the San Juan Islands, featuring classes and retreats with Ryan Drum. This course is part of 3-year cycle through which participants gain a well-rounded knowledge in identifying, harvesting, and processing native and naturalized plants for food and medicine; sustainable wildcrafting; the role of medicinal plants in our ecosystem; invasive plant medicine; wild plants as nutritional support and medicine for mind, body, and spirit; seaweed harvesting and uses as food and medicine; and the tradition, culture, and lore surrounding plants that grow in our region.