CPP Seminars

  • Saturday October 1st 2022 CPP AGM and CPD Seminar Series (09.30-17.00): Supporting Practitioner Resilience – Part 1
  • Saturday March 4th 2023 CPP CPD Seminar Series (09.30-17.00): Supporting Practitioner Resilience – Part 2
  • Wednesday 26th April 2023 CPP CPD Webinar Series (18.30-20.00): Promotional and Presentation Skills for Practitioners 
  • Saturday 7th October  2023 CPP AGM and CPD Seminar Series (09.30-17.00):  Title to be confirmed.

The CPP Spring Webinar took place on Saturday 5th March 2022. Further details are available using the link below:

CPP Spring Webinar: “Approaches to Mens Health and Wellbeing, Insight, Phytotherapy and Nutrition”

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To purchase the recording of previous webinars:

The following CPP webinars were recorded and are available to purchase for £50 using the link below:

The 2021 Autumn Webinar entitled “Routes of Administration in Herbal Practice

The 2021 Spring Webinar entitled “Covid-19: The contribution of Phytotherapy in the short and long term

The 2020 Autumn Webinar entitled “From Menarche to the Menopause

Click to purchase access to previous webinar recordings

To access the presentations from previous seminars:

You can access the presentations online only to the seminars that have a password attached to them and you must have a correct password for each seminar. Click on the relevant link below and enter your password to access the seminar content.

If you are interested in the contents of a particular presentation from the seminars prior to 2017, please contact CPP directly via the Contact Us page.

5th October 2019 – Phytotherapy of the Skin

23rd March 2019 – The Microbiome and the Gut Brain Axis

6th October 2018 – A Phytotherapeutic Approach to Bladder Problems

24th March 2018 – The Phytotherapy of Sleep